Danné Montague-King is a name synonymous with world-class skin revision available in over twenty countries around the world. He is also the creator of several “firsts” that have helped humans and animals globally have a better quality of life. This includes BIOFREEZE(tm) DMK Foundations of Skin, DMK Skin Revision and DEEP FREEZE. Danné has been a much-published journalist for the medical and aesthetic fields for over 40 years. He lives on a mountain top Estate in southern California with his animals, domestic and wild, his gardens, a guest wing where people from all over the world stay in homey comfort from time to time, and his husband Drue.

What Others Are Saying


—Stuart Milk, Harvey Milk Foundation

“This book is dedicated to those who have lived their lives in the light—being exactly who they are without compromise and facing adversity head on with grace and passion.”


—Marci Weiner, Entertainment Reporter & Columnist

“Danné King is one of the most dashing, dramatic and accomplished gentlemen I have met in my career as a Hollywood Reporter. He could have been a great actor, physician, lawyer, architect—any profession which requires talent, presence, confidence, and of course, knowledge. He is taking his turn as a writer—and with his impeccable taste and eye for detail; the reader is drawn into this exciting tale of love, desire, envy and intrigue. You will become fascinated with this man of a thousand faces, and love them all!”


—Sheena Metal, Talk LA Radio Host

“What an amazing book this is; it reads like a juicy novel but is in fact a story of a skin-care giant who has lived a most extra-ordinary life! Burnt Cork signifies how Maybelline Mascara was created. It also signifies the incredible journey of a May December relationship that transcends sex yet bound a man and woman together in a lifestyle that influenced and helped so many young people struggling for identity in the 1970s. After reading it, I realized how the author has become a worldwide activist in the Harvey Milk Foundation today! His motto ‘everyone reserves the right to be who and what they are any time, any place as long as it is with dignity, style and a passion to enrich the lives of everybody around them’ echoes from that distance time period. An emotional real life read.”


—Frank Howsen, Award-winning Director, Producer, Writer & Lyricist

“This is glorious writing at its best! An exciting book told with tongue-in-cheek humor, and filled with history and details of a most amazing life that spans decades!—that of Danne Montague-King, and you simply can’t put it down!”

“In this breathtakingly honest biography, DANNÉ MONTAGUE-KING not only lets us in on all the gossip of an extraordinary life well-lived, but also into his soul. It is a roller-coaster ride of emotions, from the hysterically funny to the heart-wrenching—all told by a man with a razor sharp observation and a deep compassion for humanity.”

—Melissa McCarty, Host of Larry King’s ORA TV and author, News Girls Don’t Cry

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